Sustainable Development Report 2018


Enhancing Peoples’ Lives along the journey to sustainable growth

In the past year, the Company confronted a myriad of domestic and external challenges, coupled fluctuating and low agricultural products prices and increased business competition. The Company has then prepared to carefully meet challenges. This has included conducting business impact assessment and effective risk management plan that encompasses all the Company’s key business activities. It also implemented close monitoring and pertinent situation analysis procedures to prevent and reduce potential impact on business operations - enabling the Company to effectively operate under such changes and increase its competitiveness and business expansion in the long term. The Company has incorporated a sustainability approach into its short- and long-term Business-to-Business (B2B) strategic plan.

A strategic plan which the Company has placed continued importance is promoting customer growth and readiness to meet various challenges, including the expansion of country’s tourism industry which now welcomes over 40 million tourists annually. The hotel, restaurant, and catering customer group (HoReCa) has increased significant demand for quality and safe food. The Company has therefore developed a strategic plan called “Makro 4.0” to drive business with technology, creativity, and innovation. It has also taken action on clean quality and safe food, with coverage throughout the supply chain to ensure traceability, providing consumers with comprehensive information on the product, source, and safety. The Company has prepared its readiness for changing consumer behaviors resulting from the increased role that technology plays daily life,lso from changing demographic composition. The Company has supported improvements of its micro-enterprise stores and introduction of new business models to expand trade opportunities, such as the “Community Kitchen Project” which aims to increase micro-enterprise stores’ sale of fresh foods and frozen meals.

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