Sustainable Development Report 2017


Partner for Sustainable Society

We are delighted to present Siam Makro’s first Sustainability Report. This is a key milestone on our sustainability journey, as part of our vision to be the number one food solution provider for professional customers. Makro is dedicated to providing customers with a selection of safe, high quality food and food-related products at a competitive price. We are “your trusted partners”, committed to “enhancing people’s lives” so that together we achieve sustainable growth for ourselves, the local community and for Thailand.

Our vision is exemplified in the Makro 4.0 Goals: “Enhancing People’s Life”. In order to be truly sustainable, We have six areas of focus which drive our sustainability decisions, steering us towards continuous improvement towards;
  1. Becoming the point of reference on food safety
  2. Strengthening sustainable and ethical sourcing
  3. Reducing negative environmental impacts
  4. Local love to support communities
  5. Making our customers prosper
  6. Becoming the employer of choice for all generations
For more detail, Please download file Sustainability Report 2017.