Job Vacancies - Head Office


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    Senior Manager - Legal and Compliance will be responsible for assisting with developing, supporting and maintaining legal and compliance strategy throughout company.

    The Senior Compliance Manager is responsible for ensuring compliance with assigned federal, state, and local government laws and regulations as well as to be co-operative with the other divisions in the company by giving the legal advices and consultations. Assist in development and delivery of training to remediate compliance issues identified and to avoid future compliance violations

    • Work focusing in detail for legal work, mainly supporting and monitoring on Thailand Business of SML.
    • Focusing on corporate work, company’s board of directors’ invitation & minutes, and any legal documentation.
    • Giving consult on legal issue to support Thailand business and others, drafting or reviewing any contract for business in Thailand, such as Construction, Merchandise, Marketing, CGA, Logistic and Operation as well as Real Estate & registration including any relevant license and its process.
    • Monitoring on any claim and customer complaint case, especially on consumer protection & product liability.
    • Giving any consultancy on any legal issue to support all Departments of the Company including the business operation.
    • Responsible for any legal transaction, process and agreement to support the Company’s business.
    • To deal with government office such as Thai Industrial Standard Office, Consumer Protection Officer, local authority, district office and other relevant officer to ensure the Company’s business legality.
    • Controlling all licenses and permits the Company’s business.
    • Preparation of any legal notice, for both regulatory and request contract and other legal documentation which are related with the Company business operation.
    • Fill out legal form and lodge with the related Authorities.
    • Review company product documents, communications, training, and advertising materials for regulatory compliance issues.
    • Supervising legal staff in legal section, especially for any business company, such as transaction, process and related with law and regulation.
    • Advise leadership on compliance trends and opportunities.
    • Maintain and update risk assessments, policies, and procedures.
    • Supported information or handle the litigation cases.
    • Any other duties that may be assigned from time to time.

    Job Qualification:

    • Minimum 5-10 years working experience in corporate legal work at least 6 years’ experience in Compliance 
    • Previous experience in a law firm as a plus.
    • Good working knowledge of prevailing legal regulations and developments.
    • Good relationship with relevant ministries and government agencies.
    • Must have a good analytical approach, team player, hardworking, energetic and enthusiastic
    • Good command of English and Fluent command of Thai 
    • Strong analytical skill, excellent communication skills, both written and verbal, Business and report writing, Presentation skills.
    • Sound knowledge of Corporate, Commercial, and other related Laws
    • An individual with solid experience in regulations and laws in the United States.
    • An excellent communicator and a confident speaker.
    • A law expert able to take initiatives and identify potential Compliance enhancements following a practical approach