Job Vacancies - Head Office


    • Helps establish organization-wide processes that create organization and employee satisfaction.
    • Continuous liaison with all levels of Administration and staff in the delivery of OD services and the provision of consulting support; works closely with all Directors and Department Managers to support the delivery of Program Development.
    • Develops strategic partnerships with the Executive Team, HR specialists, and other internal client’s to identify and intervene on change management initiatives that foster organization learning and address corporate strategic goals and needs.
    • Proactively addresses and responds to OD issues by bringing key stakeholders together to assess root causes and performance gaps, implementing and/or supporting implementation of appropriate interventions, including strategic planning, tactical and project planning, facilitation, instruction, program design, materials development and performance analysis.
    • Gives advice and develops interventions about impacts resulting from whole organization changes   (i.e. specific Project etc.).
    • Consults with organization administration regarding strategic planning sessions for groups to clarify, communicate and act upon the vision and goals of their department within the context of the organization’s mission, vision and values.
    • Provides organization-wide (as well as Division, Program and Department) assessments about organization effectiveness so that change projects can be prioritized and brought to successful completion.
    • Tracks the number of, and status of prioritized change projects. Helps structure designs for, and implements organization change; makes recommendations to senior administration.
    • Assesses risks associated with various change initiatives/projects and suggests and implements actions to manage any negative impacts.
    • Supports changes in organizational behavior. Serves as an internal consultant to facilitate team building; resolving work group conflict; changes in group in norms values and culture.

    Qualification :
    • Bachelor or Masters Degree in Organization Development, Business Administration, Psychology or other relevant courses.
    • Minimum 5 years professional level experience in Organization Development and/or or Human Resources Management in an intermediate to large size organization
    • Excellent leadership, communication and interpersonal communication skills
    • Working knowledge in training and development needs analyses, program development and delivery
    • Advanced level strategic project and work planning organization.
    • Demonstrated initiative to analyze and resolve problems quickly, efficiently and collaboratively.