Job Vacancies - Head Office


    About Program:
    It is a 12 months development program, Young Talent will be equipped with functional skills and leadership skills’ to assume further responsibilities in Makro. At the end of our 12 months’ intensive training program together with your hands-on experience and outstanding performance, you would become a Manager in your functional area and would be recorded in talent pipeline in order for us to keep developing you to a successful long-term career path in Makro.
    We will make sure that the Young Talent will set clear objectives and interact with managers, coaches and mentors. The Young Talent will be given diverse and various operational and analytics responsibilities at one or more of the Company’s business units. The Company intentionally assigns multiple projects from one or more business unit to help train the Young Talent to properly manage multiple assignments and perfect priority assessment and management skills. In such capacities, the Young Talent will interact with both executives and business unit level management and staffs. Young Talent’s work and project assignments will be substantive and intended to give him/her an opportunity to make meaningful commercial contributions. 

    About The Job:

    We provide great opportunity for the Young Talent to pursue their career success. Our Young Talent program has been specifically designed to suit best for Master’s degree graduates in many areas in Head Office, including;
    • Commercial
    • Supply Chain Management
    • Central Replenishment
    • Online Business
    • Digital Marketing
    • Customer Experience
    • Big Data & Analytics
    • Hospitality Management & Food Industries  

    You could get a chance to learn with both classroom and on-the-job training plus with lots of support and feedback to identify your strengths and develop new skills and the opportunity to expand your network and learn how to thrive in workplace.

    Duties and Responsibilities: 
    • A Young Talent has to work in various departments of the organization, ranging from sales & operations, commercial, supply chain management, marketing, finance, etc. 
    • Has to adapt himself to work with different sets of people and in different departments any given day. 
    • Main duty is to gain as much knowledge of the organization as he/she can and prepare himself/herself for a managerial role. 
    • Has to spend time observing experienced staff of the organization in order to learn about the necessary methods and procedures. 
    • Has to involve the senior management in setting goals and objectives. 
    • Monitor progress with the help of key staff of the organization. 
    • Learn about the inner workings of the different departments of the organization. 
    • Communicate with various members of the organization and be sensitive to cultural differences. 
    • Has to become aware of the company policies and practices of the organization you are working for.
    Skills and Specifications:
    • Master's Degree with maximum 3 years working experience
    • We are willing to consider university degree in a relevant discipline in business administration, finance, marketing, supply chain management, digital marketing, big data / data scientist or innovation.
    • Very good command of both written and spoken English
    • It is important for a Young Talent to have good interpersonal skills as you have to interact with the staff of different departments on a regular basis. 
    • Should be a quick learner and have a desire to gain knowledge. 
    • Being self-confident, approachable and possessing leadership skills are important pre – requisites in being successful in this profession. 
    • Be resourceful and well – organized. 
    • Strong analytical and creative problem solving skills with a realistic and commercial understanding of issues and to translate them into clear, insightful and easily understood conclusions, recommendations and presentations.
    • Reliability, self-motivation, attention to detail.
    • Excellent knowledge of MS Excel, PowerPoint, Word and Access, strong research, presentation development and delivery skills.
    Application process
    • Online application: 24 June - 31 July 2019
    • Open house Interview: 13 – 16 August 2019
    • Assessment center: 19 -23 August 2019
    • Online test: 19-23 August 2019
    • On-boarding: 2 September 2019