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01 October 2019
Makro launches Makro HoReCa Academy A comprehensive knowledge center for food service industry

Siam Makro Public Company Limited launches Makro HoReCa Academy or “MHA” – an online-to-offline knowledge center to support HoReCa professional customers to increase their competitiveness in the digital age. 

Mrs. Siriporn Dechsingha, Chief  Officer Corporate Communications, Siam Makro PCL, said that as the largest wholesale membership distributor in Thailand, Makro has a large number of professional customers in hotel, restaurant, café and catering businesses (HoReCa) who are parts of the industry that has been driving the economic growth of the country. Throughout 30 years of operation, Makro has always been working side by side with their professional customers, battling through many economic crises together, and along the way, learning their needs and their challenges. Today, Makro is launching Makro HoReCa Academy (MHA), a knowledge center where HoReCa business operators can find industry’s insights and business advices both online and offline. The objective of the MHA is to create a strong network of HoReCa professionals and help their businesses strive and thrive through crises successfully.

“The HoReCa industry in Thailand has market value of over 1 trillion baht per year and average growth rate of 10% per year. Makro has approximately 700,000 customers within the HoReCa industry, with whom it develops strong ties over the years. As a result, Makro has come to understand their challenges, whether it be cost management, business management, stock management, or even creating a new dish. With the insightful knowledge we accumulate throughout the years, Makro is determined to support its customers and that eventually led to the founding of the MHA.”

Mrs. Suny Sidik, Senior Director- Commercial Food Service  and President of Makro HoReCa Academy, Siam Makro PCL, disclosed that, “The MHA has a primary mission to become an online-to-offline comprehensive knowledge center, providing HoReCa business operators with 5 key elements, namely: Knowledge Media, Seminar & Workshop, Online Learning, Business Advisor, and Business Networking.”

 “Makro has garnered insights from our HoReCa member customers to develop solutions, strengths, and selling points for business owners as we understand how challenging it is for them. We hope that the MHA would become a source of knowledge for the professionals, a partner they can trust, and a helping hand that inspire them to find new ideas, raise their competitiveness, and prepare themselves for new challenges.”

Makro HoReCa Academy (MHA) is now open for new membership. Those interested in HoReCa profession are invited to register in order to stay updated on new business trends, free online courses, and engaging workshops. Makro HoReCa Academy Clinic is also available for anyone who prefer a more in-depth knowledge in any specific areas. For more information, visit: or register for membership with Makro Member ID here:

According to the SCB’s Economic Intelligence Center (EIC), the food service industry is forecasted to expand further between 2019 and 2020. The main factor contributing to the growth is the changes in population structure as households are getting smaller and people are looking for more convenient choices. Additional factors include urbanization, technological progress, e-commerce and new shopping complexes. All of these factors have influenced consumers to either eat out or buy ready-to-eat meals instead of cooking. 

HoReCa refers to a sector in the food service industry. It is an abbreviation for Hotel, Restaurant (chain restaurant and independent restaurant), and Café and Catering.