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27 October 2020
Makro delivers medical & food supplies, and gave moral support to Mae Sot Hospital to fight COVID-19

Makro Mae Sot store team, representing Siam Makro PLC, delivered medical supplies that are essential for preventing COVID-19 pandemic that is currently spreading in Myanmar. Mae Sot is located near the border which needs a lot of support for protective equipment. Therefore, Makro supports clear zipper bags, cooler foam box, sprayer, alcohol gel and alcohol to Mae Sot Hospital, Tak Province. The equipment will be utilized for patients in the area. Makro also supported food supplies and gave moral support to the medical team, doctors and nurses, for their inspection in Mae Sot area. Khun Khanitha Korsampankul, Professional Nurse - Head of Family Doctor Clinic together with staff received the goods at Mae Sot Hospital, Tak Province.