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28 August 2020
Makro reveals 8 measures to reassure meat safety focusing on traceability from farms to consumers with strict control standards routed into DNA testing

Siam Makro PLC reaffirms its confidence of safe meat with 8 measures of strict control standards routed into DNA testing and throughout the production, transportation and distribution process from farms to consumers. Along with these, is the introduction of Makro i-Trace traceability system and gain customers’ trust with the 'Livestock OK' mark displayed in every store.

Especially during the Sart-Jeen festival Makro has a very strict control standard to ensure that meat is safe for consumers with these 8 important measures:
  1. Meat products must pass the cultured farm certification standards from the Department of Livestock Development.
  2. The production facility must pass a food hygiene assessment from the Ministry of Public Health.
  3. Products must pass microbial and chemical safety checks by ISO17025 lab which has in depth DNA testing to look out for contaminated products.
  4. Traceability system to the source by using Makro i-Trace system.
  5.  The product must pass the inspection standard that comply with international principles (MIL-STD-105E).
  6. Storage and transportation processes meet international standards.
  7. Meat products sold at Makro will go through an online “e-Privilege Permit” carcass movement control process set by the Department of Livestock Development to control the transportation of animal carcasses resulting in the safest and efficiency way.
  8. Every Makro store that received the “Livestock OK” mark means that it is a place of distribution that has passed good hygiene control standards and meat safety products in accordance with Department of Livestock Development’s standards.

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