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21 May 2018
Makro unveils “Makro Select Quality Products, Enhancing Farmer’s Lives” project

Makro continues to move forward in actively supporting Thailand’s agricultural sector by sourcing safe, high quality vegetables and fruits to offer its customers at every branch nationwide. To reinforce its leadership in the quality and safety of agricultural products, Makro has launched “Makro Select Quality Products, Enhancing Farmer’s Lives” as well as signed a Memorandum of Understanding with seven cooperatives across the country to forge a collaborative network that aims at developing Thai farmers, creating more jobs, and generating sustainable income for them.

Mrs. Siriporn Dechsingha, Chief Marketing Officer of Siam Makro Public Company Limited, stated, “Over the past 29 years, our customers have placed great trust in Makro’s food products. We have always attached immense significance to quality, freshness, hygiene, and food safety, in compliance with relevant laws and international protocols, in order to fulfill its vision of becoming “To be number one food solution provider for professional customer.” Makro has collaborated with various relevant parties, including governmental agencies, networks of private organizations, as well as leading universities both in Thailand and overseas, to educate Thai farmers and develop the entire system from the production sources to the distribution channels to ensure product safety. In addition, the company has also developed Makro i-Trace, a cutting-edge technology with which Makro customers can conveniently trace the source of each product by scanning the QR code, so that business operators can rest assured that they are offering quality ingredients to their customers.

“In addition to the meticulous quality control and sourcing process, Makro also offers market and distribution channels for agricultural products through its 123 branches nationwide. In the previous year, Makro purchased over 115,000 tons of agricultural produce from farmers and cooperatives across the country,” added Mrs. Siriporn.

The project launch of “Makro Select Quality Products, Enhancing Farmer’s Lives” is a testament to the company’s commitment to elevating the quality of Thai agricultural products as well as generating jobs and revenue for its over 1,400 affiliated farmers to ensure their sustainable growth. The Memorandum of Understanding was also signed with the seven following agricultural cooperatives:

  1. Pasang Agricultural Cooperative Limited
  2. Lampang Pineapple Growers Cooperative Limited
  3. Makham Agricultural Cooperative Limited 
  4. Na Yai Am Agricultural Cooperative Limited 
  5. Khitchakut Agricultural Cooperative Limited
  6. Muang Khlung Agriculture Cooperative Limited
  7. Ban Na San Agricultural Cooperative Limited