Makro Retailer Alliance (MRA)

“Shop Layout” Shop layout is the key factor of efficient retail shop management. Good space management helps to increase sales opportunity for all products available in the shop.

The advantage of good shop layout;
  • Attract more customers into the shop
  • Provide more convenience to customers
  • Increase sales opportunities as customers spend longer time in the store
  • Reduce losses resulting from bad inventory
Five techniques for managing shop layout
  1. 1. Aisle width between shelves should be about 60-90 cm andthe distance between refrigerator and shelves should be 90-120 cm
  2. 2. If you have shelf in middle of the store, it should not be taller than 150 cm and shelves by the walls should be 180 cm height.
  3. Place refrigerator inside the shop, at the end but easy to see.
  4. Cashier counter should be place at where you can see throughout the shop. Entrance & Exit are the same door.
  5. Separate food products shelves from non-food

“Shelf Management” Good shelf management must consider customers’ convenience. Good use of shelf space will maximize sales volume.

The advantage of good shelf management
  • Create continuity in buying, increase sales opportunities.
  • Good space allows more assortment. The shop can add new products to sell in the store.
  • Easy to monitor how much each product can sold out. Easy to adjust space for any products, to generate maximum sales.
  • Easy to check inventory
Five techniques for good shelf management
  1. Segment product into the same category, arranged vertically down.
  2. Arrange products with continuous relationship.
  3. Best-sellers are placed at eye level and expensive items should be placed near the cashier.
  4. Small & Light items should be arranged on top shelf. Large & heavy items should be sorted below.
  5. Do not put non-food or chemical products mix with food products.