Makro Retailer Alliance (MRA)

“Shop Decoration” The decoration inside and outside the shop, is another main factor to impress customers and draw them in to buy from the shop, in addition to good service from shop owners.

1. Exterior
Including decorating the exterior with local materials eye-catching painting, unique signage & decoration materials, and the shop name signage, to make it easy for customers to remember.
2. Interior
Lighting > lighting inside the shop allows customers to see the product easier and clearer
Audio > Greeting the customers, a conversation or light music
Cleaning > Clean shop & shelf, nice product arrangement, clear refrigerator glass
Convenience > Customers can shop conveniently and continuously.
Comfort > Make customers feel friendly and comfort to buy from you.
3. Seasonal Decoration
Decorate the shop for each festival or season, will help making customers notice the products. The shop can sell more and get good image from having products available for all annual occasion.