Information Release

Investor Info

The Company places great importance on disclosing Company financial and non-financial information that is reliable, transparent and sufficient, and in accordance with specified rules and regulations. As such information is required by decision makers and traders on a regular basis; namely, stakeholders, analysts and the general public from domestic and international sources alike, the Company has set up the Investor Relations Unit that is responsible for communicating and disseminating information, in accordance with criteria set by the SET and the SEC offices. Aside from the information reporting systems of the SET and of the SEC and the Company’s website, Company information is also disclosed through various communication channels, in Thai and in English, through both conventional and online sources. Conventional sources are magazines, the media and news reporting agencies, among others. Online sources are social media, press releases, analyst meetings, virtual meetings, text messages and emails, among others. In 2021, channels for disseminating and communicating Company information were adjusted in accordance with COVID-19 countermeasures to cope with the ongoing pandemic.