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Company Secretary

To comply with Article 89/15 and Article 89/16 of the Securities and Exchange Act (No. 4), B.E. 2551 (2008), the Board of Directors appointed Miss Kanyaphat Prayoonpoakarach as the Company Secretary with effective date from 1 June 2019 onwards, to undertake the following roles and responsibilities as defined by law:
  1. Preparing, updating and keeping on file the following documents:
    • a. a register of the Directors;
    • b. notices calling for Directors’ Meetings, Minutes of the Board of Directors’ Meetings, and the Annual Reports;
    • c. notices calling for the Shareholders’ Meetings and Minutes of the Shareholders’ Meetings.
  2. Keeping a record of all points of interest as reported by Directors and Executives.
  3. Performing any other activities as prescribed in the Notification of the Capital Market Supervisory Board.
  4. Submitting a copy of the report on points of interest (as reported by Directors/ Executives/ related parties) to the Chairman of the Board and the Chairman of the Audit Committee within 7 days from the date on which the Company has received such report.
  5. Performing the duties as described above in good faith and with care and responsibility as well as in full compliance with the laws and regulations, the Articles of Association, objectives of the Company and the Resolutions of the Board of Directors and of the Shareholders’ Meetings.

Biographical Information of the Company Secretary

Mrs. Saowaluck Thithapant ( Acting Company Secretary)
Age 66
Shareholding none
Relationship with Executives none
  • Master Degree in Accountancy, Thammasat University
  • Bachelor Degree in Accountancy (Second Class Honors), Thammasat University
  • Bachelor Degree in Law, Thammasat University
Training Courses
  • Introduction to Governance of Enterprise IT
  • TFRS 2020 class 1/63 (sub-course 401)
  • Integrated Audit class 1/63
  • TFRS class 1/63 (sub-course 504)
  • TFRS 9 Sharing Financial Practice for impairment of financial assets (Focus on simple method) impairment and hedge accounting for non-financial groups Class 1/2020
  • Information System Design for Decision Making) class 2/63
  • Annual Report (56-2) and Integrated Reporting Concept class 1/63
  • Lease under TFRS 16 Deferred Tax Latest e-Payment Regulations, How to prepare e-Tax Invoice & e-Receipt, e-Withholding Tax and e-Filing
  • Management Accounting for Decision Making
  • Internal Controls & Accounting Oversight ways