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Audit Committee
Members of the Audit Committee consists of 4 independent directors as follows:


The Audit Committee’s qualification fully complied by criteria of the SEC and SET, to review business operations, financial reports, and internal control systems, to select independent auditors, and to review conflicts of interest. The members of the Audit Committee have qualified knowledge and experiences to review the reliability of the financial statements.

Roles and Responsibilities of the " Audit Committee"

  1. To review the Company’s financial reporting process in order to ensure that it is accurate and adequate;
  2. To review the Company’s internal controls system and internal audit functions ensuring that they are suitable and efficient, to determine the degree of independence of the internal audit group, as well as to approve the appointment, transfer and dismissal of the head of an internal audit group or any other group responsible for internal audit functions within the Company;
  3. To review the Company’s compliance with the law on Securities and Exchange, the SET’s regulations, and any other laws relating to the Company’s business;
  4. To consider, select, nominate and remove independent persons to be the Company’s auditors, and to propose such auditors’ remuneration, as well as to attend meetings with the auditors among themselves without management team at least once a year;
  5. To review any connected transactions or transactions that may lead to a conflict of interests situation, in order to ensure that they are in full compliance with the laws and regulations of the SET/SEC as well as that such transactions are reasonable and undertaken for the fullest benefit of the Company;
  6. To prepare the Audit Committee’s Report to be included in the Company’s Annual Report which must be signed by the Audit Committee Chairman and consist of at least the following information:
  7. an opinion on the accuracy, completeness and reliability of the Company’s financial report,
  8. an opinion on the adequacy of the Company’s internal controls system,
  9. an opinion on the compliance with the laws on Securities and Exchange, the SET’s regulations or any other laws relating to the Company’s business,
  10. an opinion on the suitability of an auditor,
  11. an opinion on the transactions that may lead to conflict of interests situations,
  12. the number of the Audit Committee meetings and the attendance record at such meetings by each member of the Audit Committee,
  13. any opinions or comments that are received by the Audit Committee in performing its duties in accordance with its Charter, and
  14. other transactions which, in the opinion of the Audit Committee, should be made known to the Shareholders and general investors, subject to the scope of duties and responsibilities as assigned by the Company’s Board of Directors; andฯ
  15. To perform any other activities as assigned by the Company’s Board of Directors and concurred to by the Audit Committee.